A Pastel Sec painting by Stephen Lack

A Pastel Sec painting by Stephen Lack

Alright, so this is what is called a Pastel Sec, a Dry… Just imagine a thick crayon, a really thick crayon, it’s pastel with oils in it and it actually works like that. The advantage, is that you actually see texturing in it, it really textures. It’s more gestural in use, that means it’s much easier to use and as children we played with crayons, so we’re used to playing with this kind of material.

The disadvantage of that is, that the colours take forever to dry. This is not the typical pastel that is powdery. This is oil pastel, so it’s solid but you see clumps in it. So this is done by Stephen lack a second piece of his, that we’re showing. Again Pleine page, you’ll see the paper rippling, it’s natural that paper will ripple because like our hair, for those of us who have some, and depending on the humidity that your hair is at, it’ll be more curly, less curly, longer and shorter. Paper is the exact same way.

The other thing is, the surface tension of this paper is different on the face then on the back, because it has all this paint on the face that is avoiding, that is stopping the humidity from reacting, so it’s natural. I’m personally very comfortable with paper rippling, I don’t need it to be flat.

Something that I hadn’t mentioned before and it’s important to be known, is that paper if you want to flatten it, the only way to flatten it, is by gluing it down to a substrate. There’s a variety of ways to glue it down, as dry mount, there’s wet mount, there’s blah blah blah a whole slew of different ways of doing it.

The thing is with original work of art, if you do that you will knock the value down by at least 1/3. Because it’s not the way the artist created it, so you’ve changed it and that has a penalty attached to it, in terms of it’s financial value.

So again, I’m very comfortable with ripple paper. Shadow box the same way as we’ve mentioned before. This is natural cherry, I wanted something that would repeat the reds that were in here, it’s more orange but I didn’t want anything that was strong Red, that would compete with that. What I wanted to do, is once again creates space for the artwork to float within the frame


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

4625 Avenue Wilson,

Montreal, Quebec



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