Exceptional framing requires expertise in design, quality craftsmanship and years of experience with preservation framing using a variety of materials and methods. Look at the artwork displayed on our site or in our store. This is a good indication of the type of framing we are capable of doing. Our staff should ask you what your requirements are (ie. the need to permanently preserve or temporarily display the item) and then provide suggestions and options to achieve your desired outcome.

Professionally designed and crafted picture frames should complement and enhance the items they encase. They should protect and preserve the piece and work well with the room’s décor. The item should be supplied with the proper hooks and be ready to hang.

Helpful tip: Be sure to look at the piece before you leave the frame shop. Check to make sure the piece is clean and the corners of the frame are tight.

It actually only seems expensive until you know what goes into it. There is a difference between purchasing “custom framing” and that what is called a “ready-made”.

Ready-made picture frames are mass produced usually using lower grade mouldings, are usually of more simplistic designs and do not contain preservation quality materials such as UV protective glass, archival matt boards and hinging methods. The hanging system is more delicate and overall quality is reflected in its price.

With custom framing, the price reflects the personalization, selection process, design time, expertise and quality of the product made specifically for you. Each custom frame is hand-made one at a time. We, at Atelier Daniel will work with you to design and create a picture frame that will bring you viewing pleasure for years to come.

Yes and no. While you should certainly take into consideration the room’s décor, you shouldn’t match it to the room at the expense of what looks good with the picture. Our staff will help you through the process of determining what works best with both the item and the room in which it will be displayed.

Helpful tip: Take into consideration that you may someday redecorate the room.