Hang the work from 2 hooks on the wall. If you use only one hook the artwork will lean forward because of gravity. It will also tip left or right much as in a see saw. When you use 2 hooks, you get to level the artwork on your wall, curse at me for the complication and also keep it equally flat against the wall.

1) Choose the height at which you want the work on your wall.

2) Make a light pencil mark on the wall where the middle/top of your frame will be

3) Turn the artwork face down and pull the wire toward the top at two points at roughly 1/3 apart

4) The wire will then be held at a certain distance from the top – measure that distance – that’s the
height for the hangers. Mark the two spots where you held the wire

5) Also measure the distance between your fingers – that’s the placement for the hangers

6) Go back to your pencil mark on the wall and come down the measurement for #4. Mark that
spot. That is the middle point of your frame

7) Go back to #4 and measure the distance between the two marks you had made

8) Divide the above measurement by 2 (for example: let’s say it was 8” then you want 4”) and make a mark on the right and on the left of the height you marked in #6 – the 4” in the example. That’s where the bottom of the hooks will be (the nails fit into special holes that are in the hooks). Make sure those two marks are the same distance down from the ceiling. The ceiling is your horizon line! Please avoid using a level. A level will measure level to the earth and I have yet to see a house that is level and square. Hammer your hangers into the wall at those 2 spots and then hang your picture from those two hangers. It will now lie flush to the wall and will not seesaw.