Over 40 years of experience

  • In photo framing;
  • In framing paintings;
  • In framing works on paper.

For all budgets

In our opinion, custom framing should be accessible to all budgets. If necessary, we will offer you more economical solutions, but of high quality.

Here are some factors that vary the cost of a frame:

  • its dimensions;
  • its thickness
  • its finish;
  • the type of wood;
  • the presence of a mat;
  • the presence of a glass pane;
  • the type of glass used (with UV filters, anti-glare).

Custom framing according to your needs

Depending on the type of work to be framed (painting, photography, or other), its style and colors, as well as your decor and the environment in which it will be located (humid, hot, sunny, etc.), it may be that certain types of framing are better suited to your situation. Our role is to help you understand your needs.

Custom framing for precious memorabilia and collectibles

  • Musical instruments
  • Clothing
  • Animal skins
  • Seashells
  • Autographed sports equipment
  • Swords or other noble or valuable weapons
  • Etc.

Major clients

Companies, hospitals, and foundations regularly entrust us with numerous items they wish to offer or display.

Atelier Daniel is the reference for framing in Montreal and the surrounding area.

State of the art equipment

Framer for the Greater Montreal

Because of the excellence of our work, we cover the geographical area of Greater Montreal,
from the north shore to the south shore, which is composed of 82 municipalities:
Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, Terrebonne, etc.

Our most popular videos

To continue to offer the highest quality custom framing, we have acquired a computerized Wizard CNC mat cutting machine. This machine allows us to custom cut and designs the mats to provide you with a product that meets your requirements.

Solid wood or aluminum frames

Since our very beginning, we have distinguished ourselves by the quality of our frames. Today, we offer our clientele a vast choice of wood or aluminum moldings suitable for all styles of photos and works, whether they are:

  • abstract;
  • cubist
  • expressionist;
  • fauvist;
  • figurative;
  • hyperrealist;
  • impressionists;
  • pop art;
  • street art;
  • trompe l’oeil;
  • etc.

You’ll also be impressed by the variety of colors, textures, engravings, and finishes offered among the hundreds of wood moldings we have available.

You won’t find:

  • molded sawdust and glue (MDF) frames;
  • plastic frames.

We prefer not to offer frames with these entry-level materials since they will never enhance your works, let alone give them value.

Perfectionists and meticulous, our framing artists master their art and will continue to work on your project until they are delighted with the final result.

 Mixing styles, why not?

What if you decided to frame your modern painting in an antique museum-style molding? Mixing styles can produce beautiful results. We will guide you in your choices so that your framed artwork will also blend well with your decor, whether it is:

  • classic;
  • traditional;
  • modern;
  • contemporary;
  • industrial;
  • rustic;
  • exotic;
  • bohemian;
  • feminine or masculine;
  • etc.

Call us now for advice.


John Daniel, president of Atelier Daniel, has been a professional in quality framing for 40 years. Recognized in his field, he also teaches framing design and art enhancement.


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