A Carborundum etching by Pierre Marie Brisson

A Carborundum etching by Pierre Marie Brisson

Alright, so this is another piece by Pierre Marie Brisson from France and you can see the stick figures. As somebody said, chicken scratching by a doctor or by me, because my handwriting is a little bit like that by now.

What I wanted to do, is create another kind of a shadowbox. So what you have here is, you have two frames, one frame is being used to keep the glass away from the artwork, so the artwork is floating inside.

This is a Carborundum etching. Carborundum is a metal that gives you this rough hew background. And it’s an edging, which means that it’s… You’ve got, I don’t know, I think this one is 80 copies of it, around the world.

So again, by using the two different frames, by using a frame here, that has the same kind of texture as the artwork does in itself and then the smooth one on the outside. With a smooth one curving in toward so it’s more seductive. It, in my mind, displays this piece to its best.


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

4625 Avenue Wilson,

Montreal, Quebec



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