A Custom Frame

A Custom Frame

So, this particular piece is a drawing of a house that was built in 1900. The client brought it in, it’s an ink and coloured image, brought it in for us to frame. The client wanted to create a situation where he was using some of the wood that was originally used when he built, when the house was built. And he had taken apart one of his balconies or outside things I don’t know what and he actually brought me a two by three, that is the original, from the house and we made a frame out of that.

We cut it down, we made it so that it becomes a frame. And the client had chosen a single mat, like this and we built the frame for him. What I decided, when we did this single mat is, I decided that the single mat with the frame, while it was nice, was not as effective as if I had added a secondary mat. And so now we created a double mat with a thin line in between. So what this has done, is it, just like we’re underlining the image, we’re focusing your eye on the image and when we do that and then you put the frame on it, the piece just pops that much more. It just in my opinion becomes that much brighter, just better over overall.

Now the client is not paying me for the double map, that’s a decision that I made, it’s my responsibility to put it on, I’m going to put it on without discussing it with the client because I think that it adds so much more to it. And you doing, you weren’t here when the client and I were discussing all these things. He wanted something that was more artistic than not, especially when we decided to make a frame for him out of his own wood. We gave him an approximate price because I had no idea how many hours it was going to take me to manufacture the frame.


Dictated by John Daniel

Atelier Daniel

4625 Avenue Wilson,

Montreal, Quebec



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