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floating frame

Why use a floating frame for a canvas?

In the world of framing, there are two main ways to do it: adding a conventional frame or adding a floating frame (also called an American box frame). The latter is particularly well suited to contemporary, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist and modern decors. Simple and chic, it will enhance the...

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Your eye should fall on the middle of the top third of the artwork if you are looking straight ahead at it.Of course, we are different degrees of tall so that space will change depending on how tall you and yours are. Mostly, though, you don’t want to have...

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Why Frame?

You might as well ask why we get dressed. Framing dresses up your artwork and it helps set it off from your wall. When you simply hang a painting up unframed, you, obviously, get to see the painting on your wall. The lines defining your painting, unframed, on your...

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The Atelier

Atelier Daniel uses a large variety of materials and creative methods for preservation framing and design, providing, you, the client with beautiful and unique custom framing design, high quality finishing and great custom framing service in Montreal. Whatever your framing needs: artwork; photographs; memorabilia; needlepoint and shadow...

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What’s in a frame?

So… what is in a frame? Once in a framing shop, how can you choose when there are literally thousands of samples to look at? Well, you must trust your framer! There are really only 5 or maybe 7 frames that can make your art pop! You start with...

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Hang the work from 2 hooks on the wall. If you use only one hook the artwork will lean forward because of gravity. It will also tip left or right much as in a see saw. When you use 2 hooks, you get to level the artwork on your...

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